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Pallet/Truckload Sales

Direct Sales

This is for the direct purchase of a full truckload of General Merchandise. These are unmanifested loads. Items, and merchadise will vary in type and condition. These are sold as is just like we purchase them. Items will be shipped from our location within a reasonable time period. After order is received you will be sent payment instructions via email, all payments are required within 2 business day's.
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Pallet Sales
Pallet Sales
Not ready for a truckload! This is for the direct purchase of 1 Pallet No preview, no cherry picking. You are purchasing just as we received them. After order is received you will be sent payment instructions via email, all payments are required within 2 business day's.
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We will be offering Truckload Direct Sales Straight from Liquidators!
All loads will consist of 24 Pallets of General Merchandise items. And Single Pallet Sales.
All items will vary in type and
condition. These loads are unmanifested and may have anything from Kid's toys to Construction items.

Who is responsible for freight cost?
The purchaser is responsible for and shall pay the cost of any and all shipping. Tristatebid can provide shipping services at discounted rates.

How do I get a shipping estimate and arrange shipping on the site?
After an item is added to your cart,and paid we will use your shipping information and get you the required shipping quote. We will then contact you regarding the cost.

Here are some other shipping conditions:

•All truckload shipments will be transported on 48-foot and 53-foot trailers that do not have lift gates. We do not offer Liftgate Service on full truck load shipments.
•Truckload shipments cannot be delivered to a residence or any residential area due to truck size constraints.
•It is required that the destination location has a loading dock or equipment to remove the pallets from the trailer (forklift, pallet jack, etc.).
•The destination location is responsible for the unloading of the pallets from the vehicle. The driver will not assist in unloading.
•Truckload carriers provide a maximum of two hours to unload the trailers. If two hours is exceeded, you will be charged additional detention charges.
•The process of scheduling the vehicle to pick up will begin once we receive and process payment for the purchased goods and freight.
•Once your payment is received, we will assign the first available vehicle to pick up your product.
•Once a truck has been assigned, you will be contacted by the carrier to schedule a delivery appointment at the delivering location.
•Vehicle availability can determine how quickly the purchased goods are picked up. This could take 24 to 48 hours.
•If you have shipping questions, please call 765-259-4364
Do I call the carrier after scheduling a shipment?
No all contact with go through Tristatebid.

Can I pick up my order at the warehouse?

If you purchase a full truckload we can arrange to have you order shipped here but you will be required to have your order removed within 1 Business day. Single Pallet purchases will be picked up directly at our warehouse at scheduled pickup times.

Do you ship overseas?

No. The buyer must be physically established in the United States with a US-based shipping address. Foreign buyers can contact our Customer Support department with more questions.

What kind of warranty is provided?

There are no warranties on liquidation merchandise and purchases cannot be returned. All product from surplus liquidators is sold "as-is where-is." This fact is reflected in the deeply discounted price for liquidation lots.
What conditions of products are for sale?
•Uninspected returns. Product that has been purchased by consumers and returned to the retailer for a variety of reasons.
•New and never opened. These products can include overstock items (product that does not make it to the retail shelf), closeout merchandise (product that was in the store but is no longer offered by retailer), and shelf pulls (product that was in the retail store but pulled off the shelf to make room for new inventory).
•Visible box damage. Box damage merchandise is product whose packaging was damaged in the distribution center and, for that reason, was never shipped to the retail store.
•Opened and resealed box. These open box products were previously opened, so they may be slightly worn in appearance and will be re-taped.
•Scratch and dent. These products are not tested. The vast majority, however, are fully functional, though they may have scratches, or missing accessories.
Some items may be in Salvage condition as determined by the stores. Which may include missing pieces/accessories, will not power on, etc. We do not inspect these loads.
You are purchasing with the understanding that some items may hold no value.

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