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Commission And Fees

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We have a unique commission structure that allows you to maximize your profits while allowing us the ability to work hard to sell your items for you. Please understand that personal and household items have a different commission structure than commercial items or industrial type items.

Commercial Auctions and Sales

We can offer a starting rate for commercial auctions at a flat 20% commision rate, depending on the type of items and location of auction. Please contact us for an exact quote and we will be happy to talk to you or come and meet you personally to find the best solution to your request.

Household and Personal Property

They must be clean items in reasonable condition:

We use a sliding scale that allows you the seller to make more money on the larger ticket items. We feel this is the fairest way to treat you as a valuable seller and an important part of our business as well. Most auction companies will charge a flat fee and have additional costs for labor or transportation costs. We do not have any hidden fees or extra costs.

  • Items Sale Price           Commision Fee

  • .99 Cents to $100.00        40%

  • $100.00 to $250.00          35%

  • $250 and up                    25%

Examples: If one of your items sells for $60.00, you would make $36.00. and another items sells for $300.00 you would make $225.00. The lower price items take the as much time to prepare for auction if not more. Therefore they demand a higher percentage rate.

Vehicles, Boats, Campers, Other Big Toys...

We would gladly help sell you larger items such as cars, trucks, ATV's, boats, slot machines, skid steer, heavy equipment, and more. These items we will sell at a set Rate Contact Us at 765-259-4364 for more details.

Please contact us for more info.

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