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Help And Support

We are working to answer your common questions. Please let us know what questions you have or had when you first started bidding with us, so that we may help other new customers!

Send us an email with your questions or suggestions to support@tristatebid.com


1. Do you really sell everything at these low prices? ANSWER - Yes everything sells at your closing bid unless there is a clearly marked reserve price listed.

2. How will I know if I won anything? ANSWER - You can look at the "My Account Tab and see if you won or lost any items also if you are not sure , you will receive an invoice by email the morning following the auction with your winning bids and totals

3. Does it cost anything to look or place a bid? ANSWER - Absolutely NOT we never charge to look or place bids on any item. When you register you simply enter your cards information so that winning purchases and be paid for after the auction has ended and you have WON the items.

4. Why do you require a credit card to register and bid? ANSWER - We want to ensure that all our bidders are valid, qualified bidders. In this way, we assure all bidders that every bidder has met the same conditions to be able to bid in our auctions. Whenever you place a bid in an auction, your card will be pre-authorized for $1.00 to ensure the card you are using is valid. THIS WILL NOT ACTUALLY BE CHARGED TO YOUR ACCOUNT. The $1.00 charge will show up as pending and will drop off your account soon. This is only done once every 180 days to confirm that your payment method is still valid

5. Can my items be shipped to me? ANSWER - Yes we can package and ship all your purchases by FedEx, USPS, and by freight truck for larger items

6. What does shipping cost? ANSWER - Shipping costs depend on the size and weight of your items. We only charge the minimum required to get you the items to your door.

7. What if I can't pick up on the days listed? ANSWER - You can email us and let us know when you are able to pick up and we will pull your items and have them waiting for you when you arrive. We will hold items up to one week unless other arrangements are made to place items in our paid storage area. If you need longer storage or want to combine orders to make the drive to pick items up worth it we can hold items from several auctions for you contact us for pricing for this service.

8. Can I look at the items before I bid? ANSWER - YES you can, each auction will have information regarding where the items are located and a scheduled preview time when you can see the items.

9. Can I pay Cash at pickup? ANSWER - No, All payments need to be made in advance of pickup times by debit or credit card. Pickup times can be busy and to make sure that you can get in and out of our locations in a timely manner all payments are required to be processed before picking up. Debit or Credit card payments are the only acceptable form of payment.

Unfortunatly we are not handicap accessible so any bidders that may have a disability that will not permit them climbing stairs to retreive their orders may be required to have any items picke up for them. As PER ADA Requirements. Any business that has 14 or fewer full-time employees, we do not have to comply with Title I.
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