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Working for you the Customer

Our company offers many services to help you sell any unwanted or non-needed items.

Have items you need to liquidate or nonmoving inventory that you want to turn into cash? Give us a call we can talk to you about options such as selling the items from your location, picking them up and bringing them to one of our warehouses, or even just have you bring us items one or many for us to sell quickly and at a good price for you.

Please often ask, "do you sell this....or that......?" the answer is simply YES WE DO! We have sold things that people were tossing out but decided to make money on instead. Way toss out items that are still working or in decent condition just because they are no longer needed? Bring them in and we will put them in our monthly consignment auctions for you. We have a very straight forward commission plan and there are no hidden cost or charges ever! For a list of those charges click here Fees and Commissions.

Closed Business
•Dead Stock
•Non Moving Inventory
•Farm Equipment
•Personal Porperty
•Estate Sales
•Construction Materials

We can sell almost anything, just give us a call to talk about what you have and the best way to sell it at maximize profits for you.

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